LESS4MORE is a European Programme, leveraging sports for women empowerment.

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The LESS4MORE project

Scope and Objectives

The goal of the project is to improve women participation in sport and thus, gaining gender equality through sport, trying to reduce all kind of gender discrimination and to empower women through practicing physical activities to a better and ambitious social integration.


The focus of the project will be divided in two areas:

  • first to attract more women to sport, by offering adequate opportunities and games and
  • second to form women coaches and sport instructors committed to support the principle of equal opportunities and equal representation in sport.


That means the project will target women in search of new possibilities to express themselves, to boldly engage for an active life. The project also addresses the social inclusion of women from disadvantaged groups as ethnical minorities, migrants, trans and gender-diverse people as well as physically challenged women. In order to achieve this objective, the project is seeking to:

  1. engage women in regular physical activity through an innovative multidisciplinary indoor/outdoor sport program that encourage participants to have fun and feel challenged
  2. train women coaches in in a modular cascade training, with the goals that coaches will become experts in the 3 different disciplines and acquire the natural ability to build relationships to support women groups, in this sporting context.


Target groups and project final beneficiaries:

  • women, aged 20-45 interested in sport for an active living and socializing, but with fewer opportunities;
  • women from disadvantaged groups (minorities, migrants, physically challenged), with the intention of social integration and/or rehabilitation;
  • women sport instructors, coaches and social workers lacking awareness, information and coherent education regarding gender issues;
  • sports clubs and associations involved in feminine sports;
  • local authorities: to adopt special plans on women participation in sport;
  • governing bodies: to adopt a coherent policy for encouraging women participation in sport and physical activities, fighting all types of gender discrimination.

Our Mission - to empower through sport!

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